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    Deliver best wishes and prosperity to your loved ones by giving them this beautiful jade plant. Considered native to the South African region, but can be seen at most of the temperate areas of this planet. These plants are considered a great gifting option if you want to start a friendship with somebody.

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    Looking for an amazing and long-lasting gift for your loved ones? Consider gifting them this classic syngonium golden plant terrarium and take your relationship to the next level. This plant is an excellent option for decorating your home while reducing indoor pollution.

    This plant is known to absorb most of the harmful pollutants from the indoor air such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene and release oxygen to provide you with fresh air to breathe.

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    Want to deliver your best wishes to loved ones in a thoughtful way? Money plants would be a great choice as these are considered as a symbol of good luck and positive energies. This “Divine Money Plant Terrarium” can also be placed in an aquarium as they slightly float inside water which makes them look stunning. Also, they provide food to the fishes with high nutrient contents.  

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    Gift your loved ones lots of good luck and blessings with this “Good Fortune Money Plant.” People popularly believe that money plants tend to attract positive energies and wealth. Place the money plant inside an aquarium to let it float on water and provide nutrients to the fish as well.

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    Looking for a thoughtful gift for your friends?

    Gift this “Good Luck Three Layer Bamboo Plant” on the auspicious occasions of your friends and dear ones. The green bamboo plant is set to increase indoor ambiance with an exotic look and elegance making an ideal decorative item in the house. Suited to wish good luck to your dear ones while expressing your love and care.

    Care Guide

    Gently remove the plastic from the plant and clean the roots with clean water. You can add pebbles in the container to give stalk stability. Change the water every 7 to 10 days to keep the bamboo plant in good condition. 

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    Enhance the décor of any room with this lovely and “lively jade plant.” Whether you put it on your centre table or the side of your shelf, it’ll look amazing.

    The perennial plants don’t require much care and can grow in almost any condition. Provide delicate white and pink flowers that bloom in the spring season. Jade plant is also known as the money tree in the Chinese culture. Hence, you can see this at the entry gates of most Chinese restaurants and shops.  

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    Are you looking for a thoughtful gift to offer to your friend or colleague?

    This exotic “Lush Green Sansevieria Plant” may be an ideal gift for this purpose. Sansevieria plant removes harmful pollutants absorb pollutants such as xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Offer this gift to others to help enjoy good health acquiring fresh and clean air to breathe.

    Known as the snake plant – this beautiful plant can grow even in the adverse conditions. Want to give to your loved ones? Place your order now.

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    Looking for a fantastic gift for your loved ones?

    If yes, then considering this peace lily plant would be the ideal choice. Why? Well, because the peace lily plant secured the third position when NASA researched for finding the best air purifying plants. It can bring peace back to your life by removing your stress and anxiety. The beautiful peace lily flower that blooms from this plant makes enhance your home attractive and alluring with full of fresh air.

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    Give your dear ones a gift of good health with this “Soothing Sansevieria Trifasciata Terrarium.” These plants are generally short in size and can be adjusted even at small space.

    Sansevieria Trifasciata is a natural air purifier as it absorbs excess carbon monoxide and other toxin particles such as formaldehyde and benzene from the indoor air. Moreover, it releases oxygen that raises the quality of air in your house.

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    Want to wish good luck and prosperity to your loved ones? Consider giving this striking money plant arrangements and deliver your best wishes to them. The leaves of money plants are considered as a symbol of money. People believe that keeping a money plant at home bring wealth and prosperity to one family. The arrangement looks classy and beautiful fitted in a vase, to reuse later.

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    Give your loved ones a beautiful and natural surprise with this syngonium gold allusion plant terrarium. This plant is a native to South America and its famous for its arrow-shaped leaves. That is why it is often called as the arrow head plant.

    Placing this captivating plant at your home will be a great idea to enhance your home décor and also remove harmful pollutants from the indoor air such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Thus, it is an ideal home décor item with high values.

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    Looking for an ideal gift to wish good luck? Choose this “three layers bamboo good luck terrarium” to gift to your loved ones to wish luck for their future endeavor. Fitted in a vase, the bamboo terrarium is thought to increase positive vibes and decoration in the house.

    Three layers bamboo is one of the choicest gifts to bring three kinds of luck in your house – happiness, long life, and wealth. A perfect gift for your friends, parents, and dear ones.

    Care guide

    • Water the plant after receiving the box.
    • Pour water on the soil, not on the leaves or flowers.
    • Place the pot away from sunlight, heater, or air conditioning ducts.

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    Looking for an elegant and thoughtful gift for your loved ones? Consider this fantastic combination of yummy chocolates and three-layer bamboo plant and deliver them your best wishes. Whether you want to appreciate your colleague on his promotion or present a gift to your loved ones on their birthday, this gift would work in all situations. You can also consider this as a valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend to get closer to her heart.

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