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  • 649.00

    Want to give a sweet surprise to your loved ones? This chocolate truffle royale cake would be a perfect gift. This mouth-watering cake would be the best option for birthday parties and wedding anniversary. The cake is filled with delicious chocolate that’ll with definitely delight the taste buds of the person who haves a bite of it Also, this cake is beautifully decorated with liquid chocolate that makes it more amazing.

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  • 799.00

    Looking for a chocolaty and crispy cake for your loved ones? Order this amazingly delicious chocolate walnut truffle cake to add sweetness to your love life. This ultra-soft chocolate cake will instantly melt in the mouth. Walnuts would add extra brownie points to its beauty and provide a crispy texture on eating. This cake perfectly fits on every occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to Valentine’s day and Mother’s day celebration.

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  • 499.00

    Delight your taste buds with this chocolaty truffle cake. The choco flavour of this cake gives an unforgettable experience. The truffles of this cake are made by combining chocolate and cocoa powder that makes it more delicious. Since everyone loves chocolate cakes, you can gift this cake to anyone. Adding this cake will help you in making special days of your life more memorable and cherishable.

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  • 799.00

    Want to see a priceless smile on the face your girlfriend? Give this mouth-watering creamy heart truffle cake as Valentine’s day gift to impress her. The amazing creamy and chocolaty taste of this cake will delight the person who has a bite of it. Also, you can give a sweet surprise to your closed ones by buying this cake for them on their birthday.

    Order this delicious heart truffle cake now from My Florist Delhi and add sweetness in the celebration of your occasions.

  • 1,499.00

    Flowers Trivia:

    • A bouquet made of exotic 5 red carnations, 5 pink roses, and 2 Asiatic Lilies. 
    • The combo pack consist of flowers bouquet and a truffle cake wrapped in a red and pink paper tied with a ribbon. 
    • Give this bouquet to your sweetheart, family members and friend to show your love and care. 

    Your Gift Contains:

    • 5 Red Carnations
    • 5 Pink Roses
    • 2 White Asiatic Lilies
    • Red & Pink Paper Packing
    • Pink Ribbon
    • Truffle Cake- 500 gms
    • Type of Cake – Cream
    • Shape- Round
    • Serves- 4-6 People
    • Size- 6 inches in Diameter
  • 1,799.00

    Flowers Trivia:

    • A medium-sized bouquet made with 4 exotic purple orchids, 4 pink carnation and 4 red rose. The bouquet is designed to perfection with Area palm leaves on a basket.
    • The bouquet comes with a half-kg Truffle cake for a celebration.
    • Gift this elegant bouquet, cakes and accessories to bring excitement in your loved one life.

    Products Details:

    • 4 Purple Orchids
    • 4 Dark Pink Carnations
    • 4 Red Roses
    • Areca Palm Leaves
    • Basket
    • Arrangement Height- 7 inches approximately
    • One Truffle Cake- 500 gms
    • Serves- 4-6 People
    • Size- 6 Inches in Diameter
    • Candles & Knife
  • 1,149.00

    Pink roses symbolize admiration, elegance, innocence & gratitude. This beautiful arrangement paired with a delectable chocolate truffle cake is an ideal gift for birthdays of younger ones & colleagues.  You can also send it as a thank you or sorry gift or as a token of your gratitude to someone.  This combo will work as an apt symbol of your feelings.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • Bouquet of 10 Pink Roses
    • Truffle Cake – 500 grams
  • 1,199.00

    Red Carnation is a symbol of true love. Chocolate truffle cake ignites passion. The combo of red carnations bouquet & truffle cake says that you are a true & passionate lover. This is a classic gift for a person who has class. Order it for your spouse or for your fiancée to convey your deep feelings.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • 10 Red Carnation
    • Truffle Cake 500gms
    • Cellophane Packing
    • Red Ribbon
  • 1,199.00

    A rose speaks of love silently in a language only known to heart. Here we have a bouquet of 10 handpicked red roses paired with a chocolate truffle cake. Love paired with passion. Spell of this gift will charm the receiver. You can also enclose a personalized message with it to make it more impactful a gift. Place an order now.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • Bouquet of 10 Red Roses
    • Truffle Cake – 500 grams
  • 699.00

    Looking for a cake with a royal look? The “Royal Truffle Cake” may be an ideal choice for you. Comes with a delicious chocolate cream and exotic dream that keep people salivating. A perfect choice for people who love chocolate to enjoy its richness of flavour.

    The round-shaped cake is available in varied sizes – half kg, 1 kg, and 2 kg and 6 inches in diameter. Even the small size is enough to serve 4 to 6 people. Delivered with a cardboard box, which include a knife and candles, for an instant celebration in the party.

    Note: Cutlery, cake stand, and other accessories are used for representation purposes and not included in the package. Order the cake now.

  • 2,249.00

    Special people in your life deserve special care & extra love. So, we have added a bunch of 12 bright red roses, 500 gram freshly baked chocolate cake, a teddy bear with holding a heart, a box of Ferrero Rocher & 5 dairy milk chocolates in this gift combo; each for love, romance, care, passion & promise respectively. Gift it to the love of your life & that will always be yours.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • Bunch of 12 Red Roses
    • Red Paper Packing
    • Red Ribbon
    • 5 Cadbury Chocolates (12.5 gm each)
    • 6 Inch Soft Toy
    • Ferrero Rocher 200 gms
    • 500gm Chocolate Cake
  • 1,799.00

    The most appropriate gift for your valentine is a bouquet of red roses paired with chocolate truffle cake. We have made it more tempting by adding 5 dairy milk chocolates and a red & white teddy bear to it. This is the best gift for your spouse. Order this gift hamper for that special person. Trust us; your beloved will never forget this gift.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • 1 Teddy Bear- 6 Inches
    • 5 Cadbury chocolates 18 gms each
    • 15 Long Stem Red Roses
    • Red Paper Packing
  • 499.00

    Chocolate flavor amazes everyone tasting anywhere. This “Truffle Cake” will not disappoint you either in term of taste and look. Made of fresh chocolate with a cherry topping to make it extra special.

    Handcrafted and baked by our chefs to perfection with an exotic design, suited for various occasions – party, anniversary, and other celebrations, the cake is round and six inches in diameter – enough to serve 4 to 6 people with a half kg.

    Let the chocolate flavor brings added sweetness and excitement in the celebration. Order the beautiful truffle cake from My Florist Delhi for quick delivery.

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