Top 5 Blooms of The Indian Weddings

Top 5 Blooms of The Indian Weddings

Marriages in India are not less than a festive season. They may last for almost a week where every day is full of celebrations. Hence, decoration plays a very crucial role in the Indian wedding. A beautiful decoration makes a wedding more enjoyable and memorable. One thing without which we can’t imagine the embellishment of marriages are flowers. Not only decoration, but blooms are also used at almost every stage of the wedding from gifting to decoration, and even in the rituals of the wedding such as Jai Mala.

Want to know about the best blooms for a typical Indian Wedding? Here is the list of five Indian wedding flowers used in the best marriages of India.

Roses are the most admired flowers on the entire planet. For centuries, they have been recognized as a symbol of true love and romance. Hence, they are the most popular choice on Valentine’s day. However, do you know that roses have a great significance in the Indian culture as well? Hence, they are used in many rituals of the Indian wedding. A bouquet of roses can make up a great wedding gift for the couple because of their popularity as the flowers of love.

Marigold is a traditional bloom of India that is believed to transmit positive energies. Hence, they can be seen easily in almost every Indian wedding. They are commonly used for decoration purposes in the weddings. Alone marigolds are enough for the decorating the entire Indian wedding. They don’t need any other bloom to complement them.

Tulips are spring-blooming flowers that symbolize love and romance. People often link these blooms with the modern culture. Tulips are a considered good for both gifting and decoration. Decoration with these flowers gives a modern and elegant look for the wedding. Also, they are a great choice if you are looking for a wedding bouquet. Tulips are available in several different hues and are considered as the ideal blooms for the winter wedding.

Although carnations are not used traditionally in India, yet they would look amazing in an Indian wedding. Carnations can make an ideal bouquet for the wedding couples as well. That’s because they are commonly associated with feelings of fascination, distinction, and love.

Jasmine is another popular bloom for the Indian wedding. That’s because these little white flowers carry lots of good hopes and best wishes for the wedding couple behind its beauty. Also, they have a sweet and heavenly fragrance that pleases everyone. Apart from decoration, jasmines are used for making the garlands of the wedding brides as well.

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