• 649.00

    Want to convey a beautiful message to the love of your life? This fantastic combination of “mix roses and greeting card” would probably be the best option for sharing your inner feelings with your loved ones.

    There is no better alternative than roses to convey the message of love and romance. When a rose bouquet get combined with a beautiful greeting card, it brings spark in your relationship. Words will order this beautiful combination of mixed roses and greeting card to take your relationship at the next-level?


    Your Gift Contains:

    • 3 Red Rose
    • 3 Pink Rose
    • 2 White Rose
    • 2 Yellow Rose
    • Blue Packing Paper
    • Blue Ribbon
    • 1 Greeting Card
  • 749.00

    Looking for a gift to cheer up the mood of your loved ones? Shop for this exotic “Sunshine Yellow Roses Bouquet” to bring a broad smile on their face and fill their lives with unbound happiness. This gift is made of bright and radiant Yellow Roses to spread positivity and warmth to your dear ones. Incomparable happiness and joy follow with the present.

    Yellow Roses are symbols of friendship, joy and happiness. This lively bunch of Yellow roses can be the best choice to offer to your friends on numerous occasions.

    Place your order from My Florist Delhi now.


    Product Details:

    • 15 Yellow Roses
    • One Cane Basket
    • Dracaena Leaves
    • Green Fillers

    Flowers Trivia:

    • Yellow Roses signify friendship & are perfect for expressing friendly feelings towards someone!

    Please Note:

    • The basket can be reused as a potpourri holder or to store your small knick-knacks!
    • Green Fillers may vary as per local and seasonal availability.
    • This Arrangement is made using Oasis foam that stores water in it and keeps your arrangement fresh for a longer time.
  • 1,499.00

    Are you looking for a bright and cheerful gift to offer on special occasions?

    Go with this “Sunshine Vase Arrangement” to gift to your loved ones on their special events. The glass vase is filled with fresh roses with a special arrangement to look adorable and precious. This gift is set to bring a ray of sunshine where it is placed while sharing your feeling and emotion for him/her.

    Roses, irrespective of colours, are greatly appreciated and loved by everyone. Considered a symbol of love and beauty, pick this gift to show your care and feeling.

    Impress your dear ones with this gift today. Place your order now.


    Product Details:

    • 20 Yellow Roses
    • 3 Yellow Asiatic Lilies
    • 1 Square Glass Vase 4 x 4 inches

    Flowers Trivia:

    • Roses can live for a very long time. There are rose fossils discovered that date back 35 million years. The large rose bush that covers the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany has been there for over a millennium.

    Please Note:

    • You can reuse the vase once the flowers wither away. It can be used as a desk pen holder or to store your knick-knacks.
    • This Arrangement is made using Oasis foam that stores water in it and keeps your arrangement fresh for a longer time.
  • 799.00

    Want to make your loved ones occasion more special? This beautiful bouquet of “Pink Roses and Chocolates” is sure to do that for you. Roses will assist to express your love and care while chocolates will enhance that feeling. A priceless gift to show your affection and care in a unique way to dear ones.

    Pink Roses are a symbol of love and admiration. Offer this gift to others out of admiration, appreciation and respect for them. Strengthen your relationship your beloved with this present. Order now.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • 6 Pink Roses
    • Pink Packing Paper
    • Pink Ribbon
    • 131.3 grams Cadbury celebration


  • 699.00

    Lucky Bamboo Trivia:
    A bamboo plant has positive effects and negativity repellent. Wrapped with natural jute and written “MOM” and other words to whom you are gifting it.

    Product Details:

    • Plant Name – Two Layer Lucky Bamboo
    • Plant Type – Lucky Bamboo
    • Plant Placement – Indoor
    • Plant Height – Upto 5 inches
    • Round Glass Vase – 3 x 3 inches
    • Natural Jute Wrapping
    • White Rassi is used to write “MOM” on the vase

    Please Note:
    The vase can be reused as a decorative item or storing your small knick knacks.

  • 799.00

    Looking for an ideal gift to wish good luck? Choose this “three layers bamboo good luck terrarium” to gift to your loved ones to wish luck for their future endeavor. Fitted in a vase, the bamboo terrarium is thought to increase positive vibes and decoration in the house.

    Three layers bamboo is one of the choicest gifts to bring three kinds of luck in your house – happiness, long life, and wealth. A perfect gift for your friends, parents, and dear ones.

    Care guide

    • Water the plant after receiving the box.
    • Pour water on the soil, not on the leaves or flowers.
    • Place the pot away from sunlight, heater, or air conditioning ducts.

    Free doorstep delivery available. Order now.

  • 999.00

    Looking for an elegant and thoughtful gift for your loved ones? Consider this fantastic combination of yummy chocolates and three-layer bamboo plant and deliver them your best wishes. Whether you want to appreciate your colleague on his promotion or present a gift to your loved ones on their birthday, this gift would work in all situations. You can also consider this as a valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend to get closer to her heart.

    Place an order for this beautiful combination now and closer to your loved ones.

  • 1,199.00

    Lucky Bamboo Trivia:

    • A two layer bamboo plant accompanying with a bouquet of roses. Roses express love and care and bamboo plant spreads positivity and double luck.
    • Bamboo plant repels negativity and invites positivity.

    Product Details:

    • 25 Long Stem Mixed Color Roses
    • Yellow Paper Packaging & Pink Ribbon
    • Two Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant- Height Upto 5 inches
    • Square Glass Vase- 3 x 3 inches
    • Plant Placement- Indoor

    Please Note:

    The vase can be reused as a decorative item or for storing your small knick knacks.


  • 1,199.00

    Celebrate any occasion with the special combo of black forest cake & handpicked red roses. Choose it for the people you want to show your affection & love to. This combo is also an apt gift for the ones you want to congratulate or send wishes to. Place an order now.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • Bouquet of 10 Red Roses
    • Black Forest Cake – 500 grams
  • 499.00

    Start your celebration at the party cutting a “black forest cake” to bring excitement and thrills. The round-shaped cake is handcrafted by chefs to perfection giving an exotic design on the top. With dark chocolate and cream color, the cake is sure to bring bliss to your taste buds.

    Comes in varied sizes and suited to serve 4 to 6 people with a half kg. Store the cake on a refrigerator to avoid melting of cream. Heavenly taste is guaranteed with a mix flavor of chocolate cream.

    Delight your taste buds and others. Order this cake now.

  • 1,199.00

    Money Plants Trivia:

    • Money plant is a symbol of money inflows.
    • It branches increases and spreads positivity, health and pure air in the area.

    Product Details:

    • Plant Name- Money Plant
    • Plant Type- Foliage Plant
    • Plant Placement- Indoor & Outdoor Both
    • Plant Height- Upto 8 inches
    • Plastic Pot
    • White Packing Paper & Green Rassi
    • Blackforest Cake- 500 gms

    Please Note:

    • The pot can be reused for growing small house plants or storing your small knick knacks.
    • Color of the pot may vary as per availability.
    • This product will be hand delivered to your doorstep.


  • 1,199.00

    This is a perfect gift for just any occasion you could think of & for anyone you feel for. Gift it to your relatives & they will never forget this lovely gesture. Order this combo of Black forest cake & pink carnation bouquet for your spouse & she will return the gift with shower of love. Buy it for your friends & strengthen the bond. Let us deliver it to your colleagues & they will admire you for your thoughtfulness.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • 10 Pink Carnation
    • Blackforest Cake 500gms
    • Cellophane Packing
    • Pink Ribbon


  • 999.00

    Roses Trivia:

    A red rose bunch with personalized mug is here for your special one. Photo printed on a mug perfectly with 15 red roses make a perfect gift for your dear one.


    Your Gift Contains:

    • 15 Red Roses
    • Green Fillers
    • One Personalised Black Mug
    • Mug Material- Ceramic
    • Mug Dimensions- Height: 4 inches & Diameter: 3 inches
    • Capacity- Can hold liquid upto 325 ml
    • For personalisation, please provide us with 1 Image.

    Please Note:

    • This Arrangement is made using green oasis foam that stores water in it and keeps your arrangement fresh for a longer time.
    • Green Fillers may vary as per local and seasonal availability.
    • This mug can be used as a regular coffee mug post the flowers wither away.
  • 699.00

    Lucky Bamboo Trivia:

    • A lucky bamboo plant which reflects positivity and spread prosperity. This plant can make you lucky and refresh the environment.
    • 8 Cadbury chocolates to surprise and spread sweetness in your relationship.

    Product Details:

    • Plant Name- Two Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant
    • Plant Type- Lucky Bamboo
    • Plant Placement- Indoor
    • Plant Height- Upto 5 inches
    • Square Glass Vase- 3 x 3 inches
    • 8 Dairy Milk Chocolates- 12.5 gms each
    • Red Raffia is tied around the vase.
  • 599.00

    Are you looking for a meaningful gift for the anniversary? Renew your love and romance offering your spouse a precious “anniversary cushion.” This gift is bound to create a magical expression from your dear ones on the auspicious occasion holding you tight and smile. Printed a quote on a cushion to congratulate and wish your better-half on achieving another milestone in your marriage. An excellent way to fill the day with romance, happiness, and bliss on occasion! Place your order now.

  • 399.00

    Deliver best wishes and prosperity to your loved ones by giving them this beautiful jade plant. Considered native to the South African region, but can be seen at most of the temperate areas of this planet. These plants are considered a great gifting option if you want to start a friendship with somebody.

    Shop from My Florist Delhi to get a fantastic shopping experience. Place your order to get free shipping now.

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When words fall short, let a bunch of fresh flowers express your emotions and sentiments. Nothing conveys your heartfelt messages as aptly as a decorated flower bouquet. Gifts prepared with fresh flowers and delicious cakes are perfect for all occasions – love, thanksgiving, wishes, say sorry, and many more events.

Being a top flower shop in Delhi, we offer complete gifting solutions. We have a huge variety of blooms and cakes with rich flavors. Choicest flowers and cakes bring special meaning to your celebrations – Birthday, Valentine Day, Fathers Day, Marriage Anniversary, and so on.

Our gifts are sure to please, heal, delight, cheers, and mirth to your loved ones. We create every bouquet with love and care to match your words in the truest sense.


Wrapped in colorful paper arranged in baskets, our customized gift hamper will reach within three hours. Order flowers online in Delhi from your home, and we will do the rest.

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