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  • 499.00

    Surprise your dear ones and brighten their day by gifting this “10 bright yellow roses bouquet”. Yellow roses are associated with positive vibes and joy. Capable of bringing an amazing transformation in the mood of the receiver.

    Do not forget that yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. Hence, this bouquet can be an ideal gifting choice to make a new friend and improve the bond with an old one.

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  • 1,499.00

    Give your dear ones a beautiful and romantic package of these 20 pink flowers vase arrangement. These incredibly beautiful pink blooms are natural greetings that convey the message of love, gentleness, and affection to the receiver.

    The classy vase provided with this floral arrangement can be used for several other purposes as well such as a pen stand or a container after withering of flowers.

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  • 4,349.00

    Choose this triple layered red rose bouquet for the person you truly adore. 100 roses wrapped in red ribbon say it out & loud how much you love your person of interest. This is a perfect gift for anniversary to rekindle your love & romance or you can choose this gift to show your feelings to someone you have not yet told anything. Say it with roses. Order now.

  • 799.00

    This stunning arrangement of gorgeous red roses, Draceana and India leaves comes with an elegant square glass vase. Whoever is going to receive it will surely appreciate you for your thoughtfulness. Choose this gift for your loved ones & see the happiness & love in their eyes. To keep those flowers fresh for long, just trim the stems and add water in vase, once they are delivered to you.

  • 649.00

    Pink Carnation bouquet is considered to be the best gift for mothers as this is the symbol of Motherly love. Buy it for all the people who have always been by your side no matter what. This is also an appropriate gift to return the favor of someone. Say thanks with this bouquet & you will surely fix yourself a place in the hearts of your loved ones.

  • 599.00

    Are you looking for a meaningful gift for the anniversary? Renew your love and romance offering your spouse a precious “anniversary cushion.” This gift is bound to create a magical expression from your dear ones on the auspicious occasion holding you tight and smile. Printed a quote on a cushion to congratulate and wish your better-half on achieving another milestone in your marriage. An excellent way to fill the day with romance, happiness, and bliss on occasion! Place your order now.

  • 2,499.00

    Convey a 100 times stronger message of love, romance, and passion to your loved ones with this authentic love 100 roses bouquet. Blooms can help convey the emotions that can’t be expressed by words. Perfect gift for your wife on your wedding anniversary celebration, this beautiful bouquet will bring a storm of love in your life.

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  • 399.00

    Deliver best wishes and prosperity to your loved ones by giving them this beautiful jade plant. Considered native to the South African region, but can be seen at most of the temperate areas of this planet. These plants are considered a great gifting option if you want to start a friendship with somebody.

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  • 799.00

    Want to deliver a lovely message to your dear ones?  Consider this “beautiful red rose vase arrangement” to express your love and passion towards your dear ones. You cannot go wrong with roses being the most gifted blooms on this planet.

    The classy vase provided with this arrangement can be used for several other purposes after flowers get withered. The vase can also perform the job of a pen holder apart from just flowers.

    Order this beautiful red rose arrangement now.

  • 849.00

    Do you know that a teddy bear was developed simultaneously by toy makers Morris Michtom in U.S. & Richard Steiff in Germany in the early years of the 20th centuary & named after the President Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt. Nobody knew that it was going to be so popular with people in love with each other world over. So here we have brought a red & white Teddy peeking from a red rose & green leaf cane basket. Buy this beautiful basket for the person you have given your heart to & be ready to see the magic of your lovely gesture.

  • 1,199.00

    Celebrate any occasion with the special combo of black forest cake & handpicked red roses. Choose it for the people you want to show your affection & love to. This combo is also an apt gift for the ones you want to congratulate or send wishes to. Place an order now.

  • 499.00

    Start your celebration at the party cutting a “black forest cake” to bring excitement and thrills. The round-shaped cake is handcrafted by chefs to perfection giving an exotic design on the top. With dark chocolate and cream color, the cake is sure to bring bliss to your taste buds.

    Comes in varied sizes and suited to serve 4 to 6 people with a half kg. Store the cake on a refrigerator to avoid melting of cream. Heavenly taste is guaranteed with a mix flavor of chocolate cream.

    Delight your taste buds and others. Order this cake now.

  • 1,299.00

    This is a perfect gift for just any occasion you could think of & for anyone you feel for. Gift it to your relatives & they will never forget this lovely gesture. Order this combo of Black forest cake & pink carnation bouquet for your spouse & she will return the gift with shower of love. Buy it for your friends & strengthen the bond. Let us deliver it to your colleagues & they will admire you for your thoughtfulness.

  • 1,299.00

    Looking for a lovely Valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend? Win her heart by giving this mesmerizing blooming love flower arrangement. This amazingly beautiful floral arrangement will reveal your heartfelt sentiments to her. Not only to your girlfriend, but you can also offer this gift to other people close to your heart to strengthen your relationship.

    Make your dear ones feel special and loved. Order this blooming love bouquet from My Florist Delhi now.

  • 829.00

    Orchids are no ordinary flowers. Do you know that it takes 5 to 7 years after germination for the first orchid flower to appear? This is one flower that actually demands patience from the one who want to see it bloom. We have prepared a stylized arrangement of beautiful Orchid flowers in a round glass vase for your loved ones. This is one elegant gift that reflects class & sense of beauty of the sender. Choose it for the people you feel are no ordinary ones.

  • 1,199.00

    Let your loved ones relish the yummy taste of chocolate cake we have paired with a a bouquet of 10 freshly picked red roses. This combo is ideal for your love interest, spouse and family members or for your professional companions. You can pick it for just any occasion be it a birthday, anniversary or any other regular ceremonies.  Send it to make your presence felt.

  • 2,249.00

    To love is to share & to share is to care. Sometimes it is more important to show how much you care for someone than to tell how much you love one. When you care for your loved ones, you actually show the deepest of love, & this combo is appropriate to convey such feelings. Send this gorgeous combo of yellow roses, a teddy & Ferrero Rocher chocolates to your valentine & see the magic.

  • 899.00

    Celebrate your special day with a Cadbury Celebration pack & a colourful bouquet of red, yellow, pink & white Roses. You will definitely going to win yourself a lot of appreciation from the one who receives this lovely combo. A balanced mix of beauty & feelings this gift can be ordered for your family members, friends or spouse. They are all gonna love it.

  • 499.00

    Fall in love with the rich flavor of chocolate using this “Chocolate Cake” in your celebration. The dark and creamy cake is a treat to the eye and your taste buds. Suited for celebrating many auspicious events of yours and dear ones in style. Extremely delicious, the flavor is bound to bring sweetness and strengthen your relationship with them.

    Mix this handcrafted, round-shaped chocolate cake in your party to create cherishable memorable with your friends and dear ones. Order this cake for your celebration now. Free shipping available.

  • 599.00

    Enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits along with the chocolate cream in a cake! This chocolate Gateau cake is the perfect choice for the celebration of auspicious occasions like birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so on. On the top of the dark chocolate create, you can find sliced fruits as toppings giving an alluring appearance. Every slice is filled with delicious cream as good as the appearance.

    Round-shaped and handcrafted to give an exotic topping on the cake. Rich in flavour and goodness of chocolate to get a perfect bite of the sweetness of excitement. Candles and a knife are included in the packed gift.

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  • 899.00

    Want to give a sweet surprise to your loved ones? Give them this amazingly delicious chocolate heart cake and create a strong bonding with them. This delightful surprise of chocolate is the perfect gift for everyone. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, the divine taste of this cake will help you in creating sweet memories. You can take advantage of the heart shape of this cake to express your love.

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  • 899.00

    Gift this “chocolate hearts cake” to your loved ones to bring excitement and happiness in your celebration. In this season of love, this chocolaty cream cake would be an ideal choice for an anniversary, Valentine Day, and other parties. Taking a slice of the cake will mix sweetness in your taste buds and relationship.

    The heart-shaped cake is available in varied sizes – 1 kg to 2 kg, but even small one is enough to serve 10 to 12 people. Handcrafted and designed with an alluring heart to win her/his love.

    Care guide

    • Keep in a refrigerator to avoid melting the cream of the cake.
    • Best taste comes on eating within 24 hours.

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  • 599.00

    This elegant bunch of Red roses mixed with delicious chocolates is sure to bring more sweetness into your loved one’s lives. The exotic “Chocolate Red Rose Bouquet” will convey your love and care to him/her. Wrapped in colourful red papers and tied with ribbon to deliver an adorable and elegant look.

    Catching to eyes, sure to bring a lot of happiness and joy receiving. Wish your loved ones good luck and adventure someone with this bouquet.

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  • 649.00

    Want to give a sweet surprise to your loved ones? This chocolate truffle royale cake would be a perfect gift. This mouth-watering cake would be the best option for birthday parties and wedding anniversary. The cake is filled with delicious chocolate that’ll with definitely delight the taste buds of the person who haves a bite of it Also, this cake is beautifully decorated with liquid chocolate that makes it more amazing.

    Order this highly delicious chocolate from My Florist Delhi today.

  • 799.00

    Looking for a chocolaty and crispy cake for your loved ones? Order this amazingly delicious chocolate walnut truffle cake to add sweetness to your love life. This ultra-soft chocolate cake will instantly melt in the mouth. Walnuts would add extra brownie points to its beauty and provide a crispy texture on eating. This cake perfectly fits on every occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to Valentine’s day and Mother’s day celebration.

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  • 599.00

    Looking for a perfect Valentine’s day gift for your gift girlfriend? Buy this amazing chocolaty rose cake for her to make this Valentine’s day a memorable one for you. This delighting chocolate cake is decorated with roses all around, the symbol of true love, sweet romance, endless affection. Hence, conveying a delicious and lovely message to your boo.   

    Place an order for this amazing chocolaty rose cake today from My Florist Delhi to begin a next-level relationship.

  • 499.00

    Delight your taste buds with this chocolaty truffle cake. The choco flavour of this cake gives an unforgettable experience. The truffles of this cake are made by combining chocolate and cocoa powder that makes it more delicious. Since everyone loves chocolate cakes, you can gift this cake to anyone. Adding this cake will help you in making special days of your life more memorable and cherishable.

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  • 2,549.00

    Roses are not just the most loved flowers in the world but they are also regarded as the best representation of love & affection. If you think of gifting her something with a classic touch, go for this beautiful bouquet of 15 long stemmed, bright red roses. The red & white teddy & a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates add more value & class to this combo. Buy it for the people you adore to make their day special & memorable.

  • 2,949.00

    We have brought 1 kg yummy chocolate cake for you & 10 fresh red roses in this combo. But let me tell you, this is no regular cake. This is a heart shaped creamy surprise for your sweetheart. Pour your feelings out with this lovely gift & your beloved will never forget this amazing gesture.

  • 599.00

    Looking for an amazing and long-lasting gift for your loved ones? Consider gifting them this classic syngonium golden plant terrarium and take your relationship to the next level. This plant is an excellent option for decorating your home while reducing indoor pollution.

    This plant is known to absorb most of the harmful pollutants from the indoor air such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene and release oxygen to provide you with fresh air to breathe.

    You can’t find a better and thoughtful gift as this potted plant. Place an order for this plant now.

  • 499.00

    Are you looking for a special cake with coffee flavour? This Coffee Cake would be an ideal choice for you. Every slice of the pie gives a unique and delicious enriching flavour of coffee. Filled with layers of creams with coffee topping, this cake is a perfect treat to a coffee lover. A wonderful choice for the grand celebration of a birthday, friendship day, anniversary, and other crucial events.

    Handcrafted and baked to perfection by chefs using their techniques, the cake looks exotic and alluring. The pack has candles and a knife included to start celebration instantly. Enjoy the goodness of coffee and cream in the same bite from this delicious cake.

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  • 1,349.00

    We have a basket full of Roses, Orchids, Lilies & Dracaena leaves to suit just any occasion you could think of. The cane basket has been prepared with Oasis foam that holds water for long & keeps the flowers fresh for longer time. The arrangement would add splash of colors just any corner of the room. You don’t need to wait for an occasion to gift this basket. Just send it to your friends or family members to show your affection.

  • 2,349.00

    Shower your family members with love by gifting them this super special combo of a creamy black cake & a bouquet of bright red roses. Send it to your sweetheart & see her heart melt away with the heat of your love. Order it for your friends or office colleagues & witness a hint of appreciation for your thoughtfulness in their eyes.  This combo suits for all occasions you could think of.

  • 2,849.00

    As suggests the name this big beautiful combo will definitely make her smitten with your love. A gorgeous red roses bouquet, a creamy chocolate cake fresh from the bakery, a teddy & lots of chocolates…, we have included everything you could think of for a perfect love gift. Send it your special someone & win that heart at once.

  • 799.00

    Want to see a priceless smile on the face your girlfriend? Give this mouth-watering creamy heart truffle cake as Valentine’s day gift to impress her. The amazing creamy and chocolaty taste of this cake will delight the person who has a bite of it. Also, you can give a sweet surprise to your closed ones by buying this cake for them on their birthday.

    Order this delicious heart truffle cake now from My Florist Delhi and add sweetness in the celebration of your occasions.

  • 799.00

    Make your celebration extra delicious and special cutting a “creamy vanilla fruit cake” at the start. Evenly distributed white cream with an exotic topping of fruits make this cake a delight for everyone. Look exotic and equally delicious making a perfect treat for cake lovers!

    Every slice of the cake will spread delight to taste buds enhancing excitement in the celebration. Suited for various occasions – party, anniversary, birthday, and other events. Complement this cake with a bunch of exotic flowers to double happiness for your dear ones.

    Order now and enjoy the unique vanilla cream cake.

  • 799.00

    Make a crunchy relationship with your loved ones by gifting this crunchy choco cake. The delicious chocolaty taste and crunchy nuts creates a deadly combination and makes this cake super tasty. Whether you want to order a cake for anniversaries, birthdays, and parties, or for occasions like Valentine’s day and mother’s day, this amazing gift will never let you down.

    Buy this crunchy choco cake from My Florist Delhi now and impress your loved ones on the special days of their life.

  • 849.00

    Teddys are not just for children. You must know the fact that 40% of total teddy sells in the world is for adults, especially girls who love receiving a teddy bear as a gift. Of course, this gift with a heart holding teddy & a bouquet of red roses, is going to beat her heart faster for you. What makes it more tempting are the Dairy Milk chocolates that we have teamed with this combo. Order this gorgeous gift hamper for your spouse, girlfriend or fiancée & be assured to reserve yourself a special place in her heart.

  • 1,749.00

    This hamper includes a bouquet of 6 pink carnations & a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Carnation flowers are known for changing their colors in 24 hours. They are edible flowers. Pink colour symbolizes motherly love. Gift this special combo to your daughter, sister, brother or just anyone you feel attached with. Show how much they mean to you.  

  • 1,249.00

    As suggests the name, this stylized combo of a teddy, Dairy milk Silk chocolate, Yellow roses- all arranged in an elegant square shaped glass vase, will not only surprise your partner but will also fill his/her heart with love. This arrangement is so beautiful that it is not easy to take your eyes off from it. Send it to your beloved now.   

  • 999.00

    Give the best treat to both the eyes and taste buds of your loved ones by gifting this divine heart vanilla cake. This heart-shaped vanilla cake is the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether you want to celebrate the birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day with your love, this delicious vanilla cake is just the perfect option for every occasion.  This cake is so soft that it will melt in your mouth and the taste of this cake is absolutely delicious.

    Place an order for this cake now to get closer to your loved ones.

  • 699.00

    Want to deliver your best wishes to loved ones in a thoughtful way? Money plants would be a great choice as these are considered as a symbol of good luck and positive energies. This “Divine Money Plant Terrarium” can also be placed in an aquarium as they slightly float inside water which makes them look stunning. Also, they provide food to the fishes with high nutrient contents.  

    Order this fresh and beautiful money plant now and give your loved ones a blessing of wealth and happiness.

  • 899.00

    Make your special events more memorable with this eggless choco fantasy cake. The delightful taste of this eggless choco cake is unforgettable. Ideal for celebration of birthday, parties, and so on making this cake amongst the best-selling ones from our store.

    This cake is the perfect gift for the chocolate lovers. And the best part about this cake is it’s eggless. Hence suited for both vegans and non- vegetarians.

    Place an order for this cake from My Florist Delhi and get special discounts on your order.

  • 599.00

    When you can’t find a suitable gift idea to express your love and care, flowers have always been the best option for every occasion. Gift this Elegance 12 Pink Roses Bouquet to show your heartfelt love to your sweetheart or wish your dear Mom on the auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day.

    Pink is a symbol of grace and admiration. The elegant bouquet is sure to convey your message and bring a broad smile on their faces. Available in varied sizes. 100% Smile Guaranteed!

    Order your gift now.

  • 499.00

    Celebrate purity and innocence with this elegant white roses bouquet. White roses are amazing stress-killers. Hence, can help in restoring the peace and love in the life of your loved ones. Also, they are a great gift for the wedding couple. That’s because these blooms are associated with peace and good hope for the future. The ribbon provided with this flower arrangement can be used again for packing other gifts.

    Buy this pleasing white rose bouquet today from My Florist Delhi. 

  • 1,099.00

    So many times you need to find an appropriate gift for your corporate colleagues, bosses or seniors. This combo of fresh pink roses & pineapple cake can solve your woes. This is both thoughtful & an elegant gift for the people you want to show your affection or respect to. And of course, the combo can also be picked for your special friends & relatives.

  • 499.00

    Recreate the lost charm and love in your relationship with your loved ones with this endearing 8 pink roses bouquet. You can even enter in a relationship with almost anyone by giving these amazingly beautiful pink roses.

    Pink roses are linked with friendship, charm, sweetness, and new love. Hence, you can gift them to almost every person in your life to strengthen your relationship.

    Order this endearing pink rose bouquet now.

  • 3,599.00

    Made by combining the most romantic flowers of all-time, this endless love bouquet would be the perfect choice for conveying your heartfelt feelings and emotions. Incredibly, attractive flower arrangement to bring a priceless smile on the face of your dear ones. Also, it can display your care towards them, hence improving your relationship and understanding.

    Gift this package of endless love to loved ones with strengthen your relationship with them. Order now.

  • 499.00

    Surprise your loved ones by giving them this “enigmatic 8 red roses bouquet”. Whether you are searching for a gift for Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, this beautiful red rose bouquet is a perfect choice. That is because roses are the universal pick for any occasion and event.

    Buy this amazing bouquet of fresh red roses to show warmth and love to your loved ones.  Order now.

  • 499.00

    Want to give a beautiful and meaningful gift to your friend? Choose this enticing 8 yellow roses bouquet to make new friends and build a bigger friend-circle. You can improve your connection with the people you did not contact for a long time such as your old school classmate or anyone else.

    Yellow roses are the symbols of joy and energy as well. Hence, they can brighten the day of the receiver with their positive vibes.

    Get closer to the heart of your friends giving this gift. Order now.

  • 549.00

    Celebration of event without cutting a cake is not worth. Shop for an “exotic chocolate cream cake” to make your celebration sweet and adorable. The chocolate flavour cream cake is perfect to serve 4 to 6 people (varies on sizes) on a half kg. Round-shaped, the creamy cake is unbelievably delicious and flavour rich increasing delight of event.

    Six inches in diameter and round-shaped. Packaging is done on a high-grade cardboard box which comes including candles and knife. Buy this creamy cake for your celebration. Order now.

  • 699.00

    Want to gift a delightful cake to your love this Valentine’s day? Order this expression of love cake for her to add sweetness to your relationship. This amazing heart-shaped chocolate cake tastes amazing and melts in the mouth instantly. The irresistible taste of this sweetmeat will make your dear ones a chocolate lover. A perfect cake for expressing your love and care towards somebody. Hence, it is named as expression of love.

    Place an order for this cake now.

  • 2,499.00

    A bouquet of beautiful blue Orchids & a couple of Bournville Cranberry chocolates make this gift a fascinating one. You don’t believe us? Witness the effect yourself by gifting it to someone you admire. You will definitely leave a mark in the heart of that special somebody. The gift has the power to brighten up your loved ones’ day for sure.

  • 1,699.00

    Red roses are the symbols of love. Gift it to that special someone who has stolen your heart & and say it without uttering a word. This bunch of 40 freshly picked beautiful & fragrant red roses will work wonder to enhance your feelings for each other.

    Pair it with a personalized card & see those beautiful eyes lit with the fire of your love. Place your order now.

  • 499.00

    Are you looking for an ideal romantic gift?

    Gift this “forever love cushion” to express what you feel to your wife and beloved. A perfect gift for Valentine Day, Anniversary, and other seasons of love to express your feeling and emotion. This cushion will adorn the house and bring instant remembrance of you.

    Personalized with an exotic design and a love forever quote to impress your dear ones. Even you can place the quote according to your requirement. A perfect way to conquer the heart of your wife on anniversary celebration or another occasion.

    Care guide

    Handwash the cover with mild detergent. Dry wash is recommended to increase the life of this token of love.

    Place your order now.

  • 499.00

    Add the goodness of vanilla in your relationship with loved ones by gifting them this fresh vanilla cake. The delicious taste of this beautifully decorated cake would help you in improving the relationship with your loved ones. Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday party or your anniversary celebration, this cake would a perfectly fit in every situation. As everyone likes the vanilla flavour, there is no way of getting a rejection from anyone. This cake is a good choice, especially, if you don’t know the preference of a person.

    Bring a smile and double happiness of your loved ones with this gift. Place an order for this beautiful and delicious cake now.

  • 699.00

    Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for your best friend? Gift this “Friendship day gift for BFF” to your best friend to strengthen your friendship and wish best of luck. Friendship Day is a time to express your love and care to your friend in a unique way. A personalized gift to make your friend feel special and loved on this day.

    Printed a quote “Best Friend Forever,” this gift is bound to give happiness and joy to your friend. It is a perfect and thoughtful gift to reflect your emotion and value as a friend. Wish friendship day to your friends in style!

    Place your order now.

  • 499.00

    Do you make your auspicious occasions memorable? Shop for this “Fruit Cake” for your birthday, anniversary, New Year, and other celebrations. This creamy and rich flavoured cake would bring new excitement and sweetness in your event.  This cake is handcrafted and baked to perfection with an exotic design and fruit topping.

    Available in 1 kg variation which is enough to serve 10 to 12 people attending your party. Enjoy the delicious vanilla cream cake with the goodness of fruits within 24 hours after delivery. Store in a refrigerator to avoid melting.

    Order this cake now.

  • 699.00

    Get closer to your loved ones by gifting them this delicious fruit chocolate cake. The goodness of fruits and amazing taste of chocolate makes this cake a masterpiece. This mouth-watering delicious cake will instantly melt in the mouth of the person that haves a bite of it. Whether you want to order a gift for the birthday of your loved ones or you want to celebrate your anniversary with your loved ones, this cake would be a perfect choice.

    What are you waiting for?

    Order this cake from My Florist Delhi and get fast delivery.

  • 599.00

    Gift your loved ones lots of good luck and blessings with this “Good Fortune Money Plant.” People popularly believe that money plants tend to attract positive energies and wealth. Place the money plant inside an aquarium to let it float on water and provide nutrients to the fish as well.

    Perfect for home decoration. It is an ideal gift for someone to wish them luck and prosperity in life. Place an order for this stunning present now.

  • 799.00

    Looking for a thoughtful gift for your friends?

    Gift this “Good Luck Three Layer Bamboo Plant” on the auspicious occasions of your friends and dear ones. The green bamboo plant is set to increase indoor ambiance with an exotic look and elegance making an ideal decorative item in the house. Suited to wish good luck to your dear ones while expressing your love and care.

    Care Guide

    Gently remove the plastic from the plant and clean the roots with clean water. You can add pebbles in the container to give stalk stability. Change the water every 7 to 10 days to keep the bamboo plant in good condition. 

    Order this gift now.

  • 699.00

    Add a crisp of sweetness in the special occasions with this delicious Italian almond cake. This irresistible sweetmeat will help you in creating sweet memories for life.

    Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, party, or any other occasion, this cake would be the perfect option. The soft and creamy cake is garnished with chopped Italian almonds that adds crispness and beauty to this cake.

    Purchase this cake from My Florist Delhi for a superior quality and enjoy free delivery.

  • 499.00

    Are you looking for a personalized gift for your friend?

    This “Let’s be awesome mug” may be an ideal option for you. Made of premium ceramic and contain attractive “let’s be awesome” quote printed on both sides. This gift would remind of you whenever your friend sits to drink tea and coffee at home. It is a thoughtful and excellent gift to your bosom friend on their special day to strengthen your friendship.

    A priceless gift with a lot of good thought and wishes to your friend. Place your order now.

  • 599.00

    Enhance the décor of any room with this lovely and “lively jade plant.” Whether you put it on your centre table or the side of your shelf, it’ll look amazing.

    The perennial plants don’t require much care and can grow in almost any condition. Provide delicate white and pink flowers that bloom in the spring season. Jade plant is also known as the money tree in the Chinese culture. Hence, you can see this at the entry gates of most Chinese restaurants and shops.  

    Order them now to ensure good fortune in the life of your loved ones.

  • 499.00

    Want a special gift for your sweetheart? Gift this love theme cushion to your sweetheart as a token of your love and care. The personalized gift will be useful to express your love with a quote of your preference to say, “I love you.”

    The gift is bound to get appreciation from your loved ones instantly. With this gift, you are promising to be with her forever. Present this gift to your darling to celebrate love occasions adorably.

    Place your order now.

  • 649.00

    Express your love proposing her in a classic style with a nicely decorated Lovely Red Roses Basket. Add a card with a vow never to leave her alone no matter what comes in the path. This ravishing and romantic gift will touch her heart and compel her to say yes to your proposal.

    Red roses are a symbol of passionate love and beauty. This is a perfect gift to your lady love and surprise her with a romantic expression and admire her beauty.

    Place your order now.

  • 399.00

    Are you looking for a thoughtful gift to offer to your friend or colleague?

    This exotic “Lush Green Sansevieria Plant” may be an ideal gift for this purpose. Sansevieria plant removes harmful pollutants absorb pollutants such as xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde. Offer this gift to others to help enjoy good health acquiring fresh and clean air to breathe.

    Known as the snake plant – this beautiful plant can grow even in the adverse conditions. Want to give to your loved ones? Place your order now.

  • 499.00

    Convey lots of beautiful messages to your loved ones with this ‘magical multicolored rose bouquet.’ Roses, of various hues, make this flower arrangement attractive and eye-catching to everyone. It delivers a lot of happiness and smiles to the receiver.

    A suitable gift to your family member or your girlfriend, this multicoloured bouquet would be a perfect gift for them all.

    Place an order for this amazing colourful rose bouquet now.

  • 649.00

    Want to convey a beautiful message to the love of your life? This fantastic combination of “mix roses and greeting card” would probably be the best option for sharing your inner feelings with your loved ones.

    There is no better alternative than roses to convey the message of love and romance. When a rose bouquet get combined with a beautiful greeting card, it brings spark in your relationship. Words will order this beautiful combination of mixed roses and greeting card to take your relationship at the next-level?

  • 499.00

    Are you looking for a personalized gift for your spouse? This Mr. right mug would be the perfect gifting option for your hubby. It would be a thoughtful gift to offer on a wedding anniversary or the birthday of your husband. This gift can also be an ideal gift to give your bosom friend, who always help you with the best advice and support in times of needs.

    Order this fantastic Mr. right mug from My Florist Delhi and get same day delivery.

  • 1,649.00

    What else could be the perfect gift to mark a new beginning than a colorful bouquet of red, yellow, white & pink roses and a box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates? We have handpicked this combo especially for the people who are innovative & love to experiment. Order this gorgeous combo for your family, friends or colleagues & let them know how different you are.

  • 699.00

    Looking for a fantastic gift for your loved ones?

    If yes, then considering this peace lily plant would be the ideal choice. Why? Well, because the peace lily plant secured the third position when NASA researched for finding the best air purifying plants. It can bring peace back to your life by removing your stress and anxiety. The beautiful peace lily flower that blooms from this plant makes enhance your home attractive and alluring with full of fresh air.

    There can’t be a better and thoughtful gift as Peace Lily Plant. Place your order for peace lily plant now.

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