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  • 499.00

    Shop for a personalized love bird cushion to gift to your girlfriend or wife. A thoughtful gift which adorably expresses your love and care. As you know, birds have been used as the messenger of love from time immemorial. Proclaim your love to dear ones with this fantastic and personalized gift to win her heart forever.

    The cushion is printed with a bird that is bound to bring joy and happiness. A perfect gift to offer on any auspicious occasion. Place your order now.

  • 499.00

    Are you looking for a pineapple-flavored cake? If yes, our handcrafted and flavor-rich Pineapple cake is your ideal find now. The round-shaped cake is made of fresh pineapple flavor and creamy to your taste buds delight. Suited for the party, anniversary, and other celebration of rejoice.

    Comes in a variety of sizes – half kg, 1 kg and 2 kg with an exquisite design on the top. A perfect treat for the pineapple lover. The package includes the exotic cake, candles, and knife for cutting without wasting any time.

    Order now and enjoy free shipping.

  • 1,149.00

    You can turn any ordinary day into a celebratory occasion by gifting this combo of beautiful red roses & freshly baked pineapple cake.  An Ideal gift for a romantic date. Send it to your spouse or that special friend & see their heart melt away with the heat of your thoughtful gesture. We have specially prepared this for you.

  • 1,149.00

    Pink roses symbolize admiration, elegance, innocence & gratitude. This beautiful arrangement paired with a delectable chocolate truffle cake is an ideal gift for birthdays of younger ones & colleagues.  You can also send it as a thank you or sorry gift or as a token of your gratitude to someone.  This combo will work as an apt symbol of your feelings.

  • 799.00

    Want to make your loved ones occasion more special? This beautiful bouquet of “Pink Roses and Chocolates” is sure to do that for you. Roses will assist to express your love and care while chocolates will enhance that feeling. A priceless gift to show your affection and care in a unique way to dear ones.

    Pink Roses are a symbol of love and admiration. Offer this gift to others out of admiration, appreciation and respect for them. Strengthen your relationship your beloved with this present. Order now.

  • 3,399.00

    This rosy-pinky gift hamper has a bouquet of pink Roses & pink Asiatic Lilies arranged in a square glass Vase and a box of Ferrero Rocher box. We have beauty, grace & passion, all wrapped in just one combo. Order this pretty pink surprise for your loved ones & let them admire you.

  • 1,499.00

    Are you looking for a thoughtful and perfect gift for your loved ones?

    This “Premium Rocher Chocolates Bouquet” will be the perfect gift to send to your loved ones while uniquely expressing your love and care. Entwined with the exotic design on the edges and delicious chocolates at the centre. This elegant bouquet is sure to bring sweetness to your relationship and strengthen it further.

    This gift is suitable to wish good luck and adventures. Place your order for earliest delivery.

  • 799.00

    Love, innocence, elegance & passion, this cute gift hamper has it all. Pink roses say you are innocent & beautiful. 3 Cadbury chocolates symbolize passion & a teddy holding heart in his hands says I love you. Basically, it is one complete combo to speak volume of your feelings to your special friend. Need we say more? Just order it.

  • 699.00

    Create amazing memories with your loved ones by gifting this rectangular butterscotch treat cake. Whether you want to celebrate the birthday of your friend or your anniversary with your wife, this cake would be a perfect choice for every occasion. This yummy and creamy cake will be a delight to your and loved taste buds. It is also a great option even if you don’t know the taste and preferences of a person.  That’s because butterscotch is a flavour for everyone.

    Order this delicious butterscotch cake from My Florist Delhi today.

  • 1,299.00

    Red carnation is a symbol of true love. Chocolate truffle cake ignites passion. The combo of red carnations bouquet & truffle cake says that you are a true & passionate lover. This is a classic gift for a person who has class. Order it for your spouse or for your fiancée to convey your deep feelings.

  • 1,799.00

    They say chocolates are the delicious cure for a bad day. Pair it with beautifully arranged red roses & see your love rekindled in no time. This pair of roses & Ferrero Rocher pack is not only a perfect gift for your valentine, it as well serves best to calm an enraged heart. Make for your mistakes by gifting this combo to your partner. You don’t need to wait for special dates to gift it to someone you love.

  • 1,299.00

    According to a famous quote, the fragrance always stays in the hands of one who gives the roses & in the heart of the one who receives it as a gift.  So if you want to stay in your loved one’s heart forever gift him/her this beautiful bouquet of red roses. Along comes a yummy 500 grams butter scotch cake to make your gift more valuable. Choose it for any occasion or just to tell your spouse how deep is your love.

  • 1,199.00

    A rose speaks of love silently in a language only known to heart. Here we have a bouquet of 10 handpicked red roses paired with a chocolate truffle cake. Love paired with passion. Spell of this gift will charm the receiver. You can also enclose a personalized message with it to make it more impactful a gift. Place an order now.

  • 799.00

    Make your dear ones smile and jump in joy organizing a special party for them. This “Red Velvet Fresh Cream Cake” is bound to deliver added delight and happiness on occasion. Observe the contagious broad smile on their faces unboxing this gorgeous cake!

    Comes with an exotic red velvet topping, this cake is a perfect choice for any party and auspicious occasion for your Mother, Father, Brother, or Friends handcrafted and baked with classic designs to give an attractive look.

    Order this cake now.

  • 1,399.00

    Looking for an ideal cake for romantic occasions? Buy this “Red Velvet Heart Cake” to celebrate wedding anniversary, date, and other romantic events. The heart-shaped cake comes with a red velvet topping will surely add romance and passion in the air.

    The flavour-rich cream cake is available in varied sizes to order according to your requirement in the event. A perfect choice to celebrate auspicious event with your spouse or girlfriend in a meaningful way. Package comes included with a knife and candles to light in the occasion.

    Order this cake to get a free shipping today.

  • 1,199.00

    Let us tell you an amazing fact. Orchids are one of the most highly coveted ornamental plants in the world. They are the symbol of love, beauty, grace, strength & luxury. When you gift this exclusive bouquet of blue Orchids to someone, you also convey what you feel for that person. With this bunch comes a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates that add the wow factor to your gift.

  • 699.00

    No one of us likes a mess. But, we love it if this mess is created on a chocolate cake. This rich chocolate splash cake would give an amazing experience to the taste buds of your loved ones. This mouth-watering chocolate cake will instantly melt in the mouth of a person. Hence, giving him/her a delightfully sweet experience. It’s just the perfect gift for every occasion from birthdays to anniversaries.

    Order this rich chocolate splash cake now and create sweet and chocolaty memories.

  • 1,549.00

    Happiness is when you get an unexpected piece of chocolate. And here we have brought a full bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to appease your friend’s sweet tooth. This special gift actually is too good, too sweet & too pretty. Order it for those who have filled your heart with love & life, with sweetness.  

  • 499.00

    Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for your beloved? Win your wife’s heart and fill her with happiness offering her a “romantic heart photo cushion” gift. This personalized gift will surely bring her smile and joy seeing your initiative. The gift is useful to express your unconditional love and a thing to cherish till it lasts.

    Recron filled cushion is sure to bring delight her heart and express your emotion in a meaningful way. The special photo will pierce her heart making way for your soul forever. Romantic and appreciable gift for your love!

    Place your order now.

  • 1,199.00

    Have you had enough of red roses & regular pineapple cakes? Then this combo of colorful roses & black forest cake will sort your problems out. Assorted roses make this bouquet stand out. We have yellows, reds, pinks & whites, all arranged in one beautiful bouquet that we have further wrapped in blue packing paper to complete the color palette. The black forest cake is freshly baked. Order it now to make your loved ones feel special.

  • 2,849.00

    Orchids are famous for their beautiful colors & unusual shapes. Pink roses are known for depiction of beauty, innocence & purity. The stylized arrangement of pink roses & purple orchids in a cane basket symbolizes love, beauty, innocence & joy. Although it is an apt gift for important occasions, you may also choose to pick it up for lifting the mood of your beloved ones. The basket can later be used for potpourri arrangement. Happy gifting.

  • 2,849.00

    Orchids are famous for their beautiful colors & unusual shapes. Pink roses are known for depiction of beauty, innocence & purity. The stylized arrangement of pink roses & purple orchids in a cane basket symbolizes love, beauty, innocence & joy. Although it is an apt gift for important occasions, you may also choose to pick it up for lifting the mood of your beloved ones. The basket can later be used for potpourri arrangement. Happy gifting.

  • 1,099.00

    From the very beginning roses are used to convey your love for someone. Here we are offering you a gift hamper of beautiful red roses,500 grams pineapple cake & a card to suit the occasion. Choose this combo for birthdays, anniversaries, different ceremonies to lift the mood of receiver. Be ready to witness happiness in your loved ones’ eyes once they receive this hamper.

  • 1,199.00

    Here is a beautiful arrangement of red roses & carnations in an elegant square glass vase of 4x4x4 inches. Roses being the symbol of love, carnations of admiration & crystal clear vase of elegance, this assortment make for a perfect gift for your valentine or your spouse. You can also gift it to your boss, seniors or mentors & it will reflect your sense of beauty & intelligence. What are you waiting for, place an order now.

  • 1,499.00

    Let your loved ones know how much you adore and care for them giving an exotic flower bouquet. The fascinating “Roses Orchids Vase arrangement” is sure to bring a broad smile on your beloved’s face. Combination of colourful Roses and Orchids in a vase to hold and gives different shapes.

    Pleasing to eyes, and ideal to offer for birthday, anniversary, job promotion and housewarming occasions. The perfect gift to congratulate and share the joy!

    Order now.

  • 1,399.00

    A perfect gift for chocoholics, this sumptuous choco-flower bouquet offers a Cadbury Dairy Milk silk chocolate, one fruit & nut chocolate, a Bourville Cranberry & one Temptation Almond treat chocolate along with half a dozen bright red roses & a teddy bear holding a heart. The gift hamper says it out loud how much you love him or her. So what are you waiting for? Order it now.

  • 2,449.00

    This rosy-teddy-chocolaty surprise is what you need to sort out all the differences between you & your beloved. Gift this combo to her to make out for all the little mistakes you made in relationship & you will not only be forgiven but also be showered with love. What more, she’ll treasure this gift for life. You can choose it for your spouse, fiancés or for that special friend. This combo has 12 long stem roses, a teddy, a Ferrero Rocher box & 5 Cadbury Dairy milk chocolates.

  • 699.00

    Looking for a cake with a royal look? The “Royal Truffle Cake” may be an ideal choice for you. Comes with a delicious chocolate cream and exotic dream that keep people salivating. A perfect choice for people who love chocolate to enjoy its richness of flavour.

    The round-shaped cake is available in varied sizes – half kg, 1 kg, and 2 kg and 6 inches in diameter. Even the small size is enough to serve 4 to 6 people. Delivered with a cardboard box, which include a knife and candles, for an instant celebration in the party.

    Note: Cutlery, cake stand, and other accessories are used for representation purposes and not included in the package. Order the cake now.

  • 1,149.00

    When you are looking for a priceless gift to your best friend, yellow flowers are always the best choice.  This is an adorable and cheerful bunch of “Royal Yellow Roses” to offer to your friend on any occasion. That is because yellow is a symbol of joy and friendship. Ideal occasions to gift this bouquet are Birthday, Friendship Day, New Year or even in the Christmas day.

    Order this exotic gift for your best friend now.

  • 2,249.00

    This colorful combo has the power to brighten up any dull corner of a room or to lighten up a stressed mind. The Ferrero Rocher chocolate box this combo comes with, will add the joy. Send it as a ‘get well soon’ gift or as a “thank You” token. You can also order it to wish anyone birthday or anniversary. There is not a single occasion; this combo is not fit for. Order it now. 

  • 1,949.00

    Let’s accept it. A fresh, creamy chocolate cake has the power to lift anybody’s mood up. Nothing speaks of love better than a bouquet of fragrant red roses & no one hates a yummy chocolate. Our soft rosy gift hamper of roses, cake & chocolates have powerful feelings wrapped in it. Choose it for your loved ones & let them feel the power of your feelings.


  • 2,249.00

    Special people in your life deserve special care & extra love. So, we have added a bunch of 12 bright red roses, 500 gram freshly baked chocolate cake, a teddy bear with holding a heart, a box of Ferrero Rocher & 5 dairy milk chocolates in this gift combo; each for love, romance, care, passion & promise respectively. Gift it to the love of your life & that will always be yours.

  • 699.00

    Give your dear ones a gift of good health with this “Soothing Sansevieria Trifasciata Terrarium.” These plants are generally short in size and can be adjusted even at small space.

    Sansevieria Trifasciata is a natural air purifier as it absorbs excess carbon monoxide and other toxin particles such as formaldehyde and benzene from the indoor air. Moreover, it releases oxygen that raises the quality of air in your house.

    Order them to give the blessings of good health to your loved ones.

  • 499.00

    Express your emotions to dear ones at the same time with this special 8 mixed roses bouquet. It is a great choice when you are confused about choosing a particular flower bouquet and the preferences of the receiver.  The ribbon provided with the amazing multicolored rose bouquet can be reused for packing another gift.

    Order this stunning colourful rose bouquet from My Florist Delhi and to get a personalised shopping experience.

  • 799.00

    Are you looking to buy a cake with rich flavour? Choose “Special blackforest cake” to enjoy its delicious pieces in auspicious occasions. This creamy and flavoured cake will take your celebration to another level.

    Comes in varied sizes – half kg/1kg/2 kg according to requirement of customers. Package is made of excellent quality cardboard to carry cakes in original shape to distant places. A knife and candles are included in this package.

    Care guide

    Please store the cream cake in a refrigerator. Consume the cake within 24 hours to get excellent taste and flavour. Place your order now.

  • 699.00

    Want a special cake for the auspicious occasion? This special butterscotch cake may be an ideal fit to celebrate any occasion. Suited for party, anniversary and events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other special day of your dear ones. The delicious cake is sure to add more sweetness to your celebration and relationship with them.

    Available in varied sizes – half kg, 1 kg and 2 kg with round in shape. Even the smallest size is enough to serve 4 to 6 people in the party handcrafted and baked with an exceptional design on the top to look exotic. The package comes with candles and a knife to start celebrating quickly.

    Order the delicious cake now for free delivery now.

  • 499.00

    Surprise your dear ones with this “special chocolate cake” on the auspicious occasion. Whether its Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine Day, and other crucial occasion, this cake can be an ideal fit. Made with dark chocolate, the added cream brings an exotic taste on the party or celebration.

    Special occasions need a similar cake to complement nicely. This cake will surely add steam to your celebration giving cherishable memories. Comes in round shape with six inches in diameter in many sizes to choose according to your requirement.

    Place your order for this cake now.

  • 699.00

    Are you fond of vanilla cream cake? This Special Vanilla Cake would be an ideal choice for you. This cake is made of vanilla cream making it delicious to give a treat to your taste buds. You would fall in love with the taste and flavour of the cream. Add more fun and thrills in the celebration of auspicious events with this cake.

    The special Vanilla cake is round and 9 inches in diameter. It comes in 1 kg weight which is enough to serve 10 to 12 people. Order this cake from My Florist Delhi now.

  • 499.00

    Looking for a lovely gift for your mom? Show your love and respect to your Mother giving her a “specialized Mug for Mom” on special occasions. The personalized mug will carry your emotion, feeling and communicate warm messages bring a broad smile on her face.

    Let the most precious person of your life – Mother, feel special and loved with this gift. It is a perfect gift to offer to your Mom on Mother’s Day, Anniversary, and auspicious events. With an exotic design, the mug will look iconic and fashionable while carrying endless love yours adorably.

    Gift this mug and return the love that you have received from your Mother since birth. Place your order now.

  • 599.00

    Want to wish good luck and prosperity to your loved ones? Consider giving this striking money plant arrangements and deliver your best wishes to them. The leaves of money plants are considered as a symbol of money. People believe that keeping a money plant at home bring wealth and prosperity to one family. The arrangement looks classy and beautiful fitted in a vase, to reuse later.

    Wish luck and wealth to your friends gifting this plant today. Order now.

  • 899.00

    Here comes a gift combo to wipe out all your festive season gifting worries. This is the best option when it comes to choose a gift for your dear friends & naughty siblings. Yellow flowers wrapped in yellow paper, adorned with striking blue ribbon & a pack of Cadbury celebration chocolates.., don’t you think this is a perfect combo to mark any special occasion with memories, love & joy.

  • 1,499.00

    Are you looking for a bright and cheerful gift to offer on special occasions?

    Go with this “Sunshine Vase Arrangement” to gift to your loved ones on their special events. The glass vase is filled with fresh roses with a special arrangement to look adorable and precious. This gift is set to bring a ray of sunshine where it is placed while sharing your feeling and emotion for him/her.

    Roses, irrespective of colours, are greatly appreciated and loved by everyone. Considered a symbol of love and beauty, pick this gift to show your care and feeling.

    Impress your dear ones with this gift today. Place your order now.

  • 749.00

    Looking for a gift to cheer up the mood of your loved ones? Shop for this exotic “Sunshine Yellow Roses Bouquet” to bring a broad smile on their face and fill their lives with unbound happiness. This gift is made of bright and radiant Yellow Roses to spread positivity and warmth to your dear ones. Incomparable happiness and joy follow with the present.

    Yellow Roses are symbols of friendship, joy and happiness. This lively bunch of Yellow roses can be the best choice to offer to your friends on numerous occasions.

    Place your order from My Florist Delhi now.

  • 1,799.00

    The most appropriate gift for your valentine is a bouquet of red roses paired with chocolate truffle cake. We have made it more tempting by adding 5 dairy milk chocolates and a red & white teddy bear to it. This is the best gift for your spouse. Order this gift hamper for that special person. Trust us; your beloved will never forget this gift.

  • 599.00

    Give your loved ones a beautiful and natural surprise with this syngonium gold allusion plant terrarium. This plant is a native to South America and its famous for its arrow-shaped leaves. That is why it is often called as the arrow head plant.

    Placing this captivating plant at your home will be a great idea to enhance your home décor and also remove harmful pollutants from the indoor air such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Thus, it is an ideal home décor item with high values.

    Order this beautiful syngonium plant now.

  • 899.00

    Looking for a unique gift hamper to surprise your loved ones?

    Present this “Teddy Bear Special Surprise Arrangement” to surprise and shower your love to loved ones. The gift hamper contains a cute Teddy bear with adorable and exotic flowers in a basket to give a perfect look. The beautiful arrangement is a perfect give to give on the auspicious occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, and other happy events.

    Go on to surprise your dear ones with heartfelt emotion and wishes. This gift is perfect for numerous occasions. Place your order now.

  • 1,299.00

    Just visualize the reaction of your loved ones when they’ll receive a surprise gift of red roses bouquet with a teddy bear peeking through the roses & a delicious Bournville chocolate hanging along.  Yes, this combo gives you a chance to fill those eyes with surprise & love. Beautiful red roses, a teddy, dark chocolate & glass vase of square shape are the things that complete this combo. Order it now for your family & friends.

  • 799.00

    Looking for an ideal gift to wish good luck? Choose this “three layers bamboo good luck terrarium” to gift to your loved ones to wish luck for their future endeavor. Fitted in a vase, the bamboo terrarium is thought to increase positive vibes and decoration in the house.

    Three layers bamboo is one of the choicest gifts to bring three kinds of luck in your house – happiness, long life, and wealth. A perfect gift for your friends, parents, and dear ones.

    Care guide

    • Water the plant after receiving the box.
    • Pour water on the soil, not on the leaves or flowers.
    • Place the pot away from sunlight, heater, or air conditioning ducts.

    Free doorstep delivery available. Order now.

  • 899.00

    Want to order an amazingly delicious cake to your loved ones on their birthdays? This mouth-watering Italian tiramisu cake would be an ideal choice for you. Whether you want to celebrate the anniversary, birthday or Valentine’s day with your loved ones, this delightful sweetmeat would work for every occasion.

    The unforgettable taste of this traditional Italian desert gives an out of this world experience to the person who has a bite of it. Bring sweetness in your relationship and celebration for a special occasion with this cake.

    Place your order from My Florist Delhi and avail free shipping.

  • 1,699.00

    We have prepared this sumptuous bouquet of purple Orchids & Kitkats, Perks, Dairy Milks & Munches especially for young ones. You can gift this chocolaty surprise to your friends to make them feel young at heart. Do you want to see your loved ones happy & giggling with joy? Let us deliver this gorgeous gift at their doorstep. 

  • 499.00

    Chocolate flavor amazes everyone tasting anywhere. This “Truffle Cake” will not disappoint you either in term of taste and look. Made of fresh chocolate with a cherry topping to make it extra special.

    Handcrafted and baked by our chefs to perfection with an exotic design, suited for various occasions – party, anniversary, and other celebrations, the cake is round and six inches in diameter – enough to serve 4 to 6 people with a half kg.

    Let the chocolate flavor brings added sweetness and excitement in the celebration. Order the beautiful truffle cake from My Florist Delhi for quick delivery.

  • 1,399.00

    You are different and so should be your gift. Nothing can make as strong a statement as does a beautifully arranged bouquet of 10 red roses & a freshly baked butterscotch cake of 500 grams. Send the gift to your family, friends, colleagues or even your competitors to show how big & beautiful your heart is.

    A perfect gift for birthdays, ceremonies, anniversaries and other special occasions. Order it now for your loved ones.

  • 549.00

    Spread the endless love in the life of your dear ones with this ‘vivid 10 red rose bouquet”. The luxury gift is an ultimate symbol of love and affection — ideal for any occasion to display your unlimited care and love to dear ones. This beautiful bouquet is pleasing to the eyes and offers immense pleasures to receivers. 

    Order this amazing bouquet of 10 red roses from My Florist Delhi at best prices. Order now.

  • 1,199.00

    The beautifully arranged Carnations & Orchids make this gift a visual treat. Along comes an elegant square glass vase that you can reuse as a decorative piece. You can gift it to just anyone, be it your family members, friends, colleagues, seniors or mentors. Or you can order it for your home to turn any dull day into a brighter one.

  • 999.00

    Looking for an elegant and thoughtful gift for your loved ones? Consider this fantastic combination of yummy chocolates and three-layer bamboo plant and deliver them your best wishes. Whether you want to appreciate your colleague on his promotion or present a gift to your loved ones on their birthday, this gift would work in all situations. You can also consider this as a valentine’s day gift for your girlfriend to get closer to her heart.

    Place an order for this beautiful combination now and closer to your loved ones.

  • 3,049.00

    Make your day memorable with this yummy & rosy gift hamper we have prepared especially for lovebirds. 30 hand-picked red roses wrapped in red packing paper & knotted with bright red ribbon..this gift bleeds love. To add the charm we have paired it with a box of delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Be ready to receive loads of love from the one who is going to receive this gift from you. 

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